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Your Trusted Accounting Professionals

The professionals at Nash Giroux are equipped to serve you with a variety of tax and accounting services. With offices in Slave Lake, Morinville, and Spruce Grove, we have been proudly serving clients in Alberta since 1996.

We know your needs are unique, and we are dedicated to providing outstanding professional services tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our focus is on effective communication and providing relevant solutions to ensure you achieve your financial and business goals.

With our broad knowledge base gained from experience in various industries, and our certifications in Accounting, Quickbooks, and Sage, we are well-equipped to provide you with the best possible service and financial advice. We go beyond the numbers to provide comprehensive solutions for your financial success.


Contact us today to learn more about how our team can help you achieve your financial goals.


Our Management Team

Bonnie Nash
CGA, CPA, CFP, Partner

Bonnie Nash

Bonnie is the founding partner of Nash Giroux, LLP. She obtained her Certified General Accountants designation in 1989 while working as an employee in a public accounting firm. At that firm, she held a senior position and was responsible for reviewing the work of fellow staff members, as well as mentoring them. In 1996, she opened her own practice and quickly expanded operations, eventually becoming an employer. An affiliation with Porter Hetu International gave Bonnie access to mentors, who helped with business expansion and keeping up with new accounting trends and opportunities. She actively participates in committees formed by her group affiliation and currently serves as Chair of the Professional Development Committee. Additionally, she has been an active member of the Certified General Accountants of Alberta, serving as a Practice Reviewer and providing mentoring to new graduates. Bonnie has facilitated seminars on opening a new public accounting practice and has directly mentored individuals in their quest to become eligible to provide those services. Bonnie operated as a sole practitioner in Slave Lake for 16 years before promoting an employee to become a partner to assist with running the accounting practice. She has always strived to be one of the first to embrace new technologies, such as a paperless office, which allowed her the flexibility to travel and add staff without physically being in the office. This approach has facilitated continued growth, resulting in the addition of another partner in 2019 through the purchase of an accounting practice in Morinville. Currently, Bonnie has relocated to Spruce Grove and is focusing on expanding the firm's client base while still participating in day-to-day operations. In her spare time, Bonnie loves spending time with her children, traveling around the globe, and attending CrossFit classes.

Elena Bensusan - CPA - CGA - Partner - Nash Giroux LLP.jpg
CGA, CPA, Partner

Elena Bensusan

Elena is a Chartered Professional Accountant who also holds a Bachelor of Science degree. With work experience in engineering, management, and Public Practice Accounting, she began her career in Public Practice in 2006, preparing personal taxes. Since then, she has gained valuable experience in different aspects of personal tax compliance and developed a keen interest in tax planning and tax minimization for small and medium-sized business owners. Elena focuses her attention on the needs of small business owners and their families. Her goal is to educate them and help them achieve business success and full reporting compliance with Revenue Canada by establishing practical and error-free financial processing and reporting. Additionally, she helps recent immigrants understand the Canadian financial reporting system to aid in their integration into the Canadian small business environment. To maintain and upgrade her technical skills, Elena reads professional publications, attends Video Tax live seminars, and takes special interest courses in taxation and accounting. In her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

Francessca Giroux - Frankie Ward - CPA - CGA - Partner - Nash Giroux LLP.jpg
CGA, CPA, Partner

Francesca (Frankie) Ward

Francesca obtained her CGA designation in 2011 and, after several years in public practice, formed Nash Giroux, LLP with her business partner Bonnie Nash. Her focus lies in providing accounting services for private enterprises, including incorporation, financial statement preparation, and all events that occur in between. In her spare time, Francesca is competitive in the Super Street class as a member of the National Hot Rod Association, driving her 1985 Camaro. She also enjoys spending time with her daughter, Eliza.

Our Team

Nicci Seppola-Cyr - Bookkeeper - Office
Bookkeeper & Office Administration

Nicci Seppola-Cyr

We are thrilled to introduce Nicci Seppola-Cyr, a dedicated Bookkeeper and Office Administrator at Nash Giroux LLP, who has called Northern Alberta her lifelong home, with occasional moves to Southern Saskatchewan. Having returned to our team for the second time, Nicci brings a wealth of experience and familiarity with the firm's values and operations. Beyond her professional endeavors, Nicci's heart lies in spending quality time with her loved ones. She cherishes moments with her husband Rick, their two children, and their granddaughter, creating lasting memories as a close-knit family. Embracing the beauty of the surrounding landscape, Nicci finds solace and delight in spending time on the nearby lake. Her passion for family and appreciation of nature make Nicci a valued member of the Nash Giroux LLP team, fostering a warm and nurturing work environment for everyone involved.

Olena Bordiug_edited.jpg
Bookkeeper & Office Administration

Olena Bordiug

Meet Olena Bordiug, one of our wonderful Bookkeeper and Office Administrator at Nash Giroux LLP. With a Management Degree from the Ukraine and a Business Administration Certificate from Canada, Olena brings a diverse range of experiences from both countries to her role. Her versatile background includes work in farming, medical offices, and bookkeeping. As an Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper in our Morinville office, Olena takes pride in her passion for helping others. Beyond her proficiency in accounting and administration, Olena is also a certified graduate of the Alberta Yoga College. She shares her love for yoga by teaching classes in her private studio and even introduces yoga breaks for the team at the Morinville office, promoting a healthy and balanced work environment. When she's not busy at work or instructing yoga, Olena cherishes quality time with her family, especially her son, and continually seeks to advance her knowledge and expertise in the world of yoga. Her commitment to both professional and personal growth makes her an invaluable asset to our team at Nash Giroux LLP.

Bookkeeper & Office Administration

Layal Mourad

Introducing Layal Mourad, an adept Bookkeeper and Office Administrator at Nash Giroux LLP. Layal's journey in the world of finance began after graduating from Roland Michener Secondary School in 2010. Drawing from invaluable experience gained while actively participating in her family's business, Mourad Group Inc., she honed her bookkeeping skills and developed a profound understanding of day-to-day business operations. Beyond her professional endeavors, Layal's adventurous spirit comes to life in her leisure pursuits. Embracing the great outdoors, she finds solace and joy in activities like camping, quadding, snowmobiling, and dirt biking. Her greatest source of inspiration is her daughter, who looks up to her with admiration. Deeply rooted in family values, Layal and her loved ones consider Slave Lake their cherished home. With her dedication to excellence in bookkeeping and her passion for family and adventure, Layal is a remarkable addition to the Nash Giroux LLP team, enriching their services and fostering a warm and inclusive work environment.

Sheila Allan - Senior Bookkeeper -  Nash
Senior Bookkeeper

Sheila Allan

Meet Sheila Allan, the esteemed Senior Bookkeeper at Nash Giroux LLP. Sheila graduated from the University of Alberta in 1982, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Psychology. Throughout her career, she has accumulated extensive experience in accounting, having served in the accounting departments of various banks in both Edmonton and Slave Lake for many years. Sheila's insatiable curiosity is one of her standout traits. She possesses a genuine love for learning and is always eager to explore new subjects and ideas. As an avid traveler, she embraces opportunities to broaden her horizons and immerse herself in diverse cultures. Beyond her accounting acumen, Sheila is known for her extraordinary store of trivia, demonstrating an uncanny ability to promptly find answers to an array of questions. Her expertise, inquisitive nature, and passion for both knowledge and exploration make her an invaluable asset to the Nash Giroux LLP team, elevating the quality of their services and fostering an environment of continuous growth and discovery.

Daniel Mateias - Bookkeeper - Office Adm
Bookkeeper & Office Administration

Daniel Mateias

Introducing Daniel Mateias, a skilled Bookkeeper and Office Administrator at Nash Giroux LLP. Daniel's journey in accounting started with the completion of the Accounting & Strategic Measurement Diploma from Grant MacEwan in 2014. Eager to broaden his horizons, he pursued further education in the Bachelor of Applied Business Administration until 2016, with a future goal of attaining the prestigious CPA designation. Driven by his passion for numbers, Daniel is dedicated to achieving excellence and contributing to the success of Nash Giroux LLP. Outside the office, Daniel embraces a dynamic and active lifestyle. His love for the outdoors is evident as he engages in activities like fishing, which allows him to unwind and connect with nature. Additionally, he enjoys the thrill of competitive snowboarding and the camaraderie of playing tennis. Daniel's commitment to professional growth and his zest for life make him a valuable and well-rounded member of the Nash Giroux LLP team, bringing enthusiasm and dedication to both his work and leisure pursuits.

Carrie Glover Bookkeeper and Office Admi
Bookkeeper & Office Administration

Carrie Glover

We are delighted to introduce Carrie Glover, a proficient Bookkeeper and Office Administrator who joined Nash Giroux LLP in 2021. With more than 10 years of invaluable experience in bookkeeping, Carrie's expertise and attention to detail are evident in her work, ensuring accurate financial records and efficient office management. Outside the office, Carrie embraces an active and adventurous lifestyle. She finds joy in various outdoor activities, including running and hiking, which allow her to connect with nature and stay energized. Additionally, she delights in the serenity of paddleboarding and the camaraderie of camping trips. Carrie's dedication to her professional role and her passion for outdoor pursuits make her an exceptional asset to the Nash Giroux LLP team, bringing a well-rounded and dynamic approach to her work and life.

Izak Nash Bookkeeper and Office Administration with Nash Giroux LLP
Bookkeeper & Office Administration

Izak Nash

Introducing Izak Nash, a skilled Bookkeeper and Office Administrator at Nash Giroux LLP. With several years of dedicated service, Izak has been an integral part of our team. Pursuing a degree in accounting and working towards obtaining a CPA designation, his commitment to professional development is evident in his work. Beyond the world of numbers, Izak has a captivating passion for tabletop gaming. An avid enthusiast, he regularly hosts a monthly streaming session of one of his favorite games, sharing his excitement with fellow gaming enthusiasts. Izak's dedication to both his career and personal interests makes him a well-rounded and valued member of the Nash Giroux LLP family.

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Nash Giroux, LLP is an independent member firm of Porter Hétu International Professional Services Group. The Power of Porter Hétu International resides in our more than fifty independent member firms. Backed by shared expertise and knowledge, our independent member firms provide Professional Strength with Personal Service and Practical Solutions across Canada and around the world.

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Our Office Locations

Our offices are conveniently located in three communities to make our services accessible to our clients. We have an office in Slave Lake, Morinville, and Spruce Grove. 


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"Excellent work, great quality, prompt answers to any questions! I would recommend them to anybody looking for an accounting firm."

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